Center of Excellent for Road and Railway Innovation
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Objective / mission
Research for Innovation and Practice with an International Research Level

Research Focus
- Smart and Green Infrastructure
- Simulation for Bridge Train Track Interaction by Using FEM
- High Speed Railway Infrastructure
- High Performance Slab Track and Crossing
- Rolling Stock
- Monitoring Inspection and Maintenance for Road and Railway
- Smart and Green Concrete
- Railway Safety

Naresuan University
- Dr.Rattapoohm Parichatprecha
- Assoc.Prof. Puangrat Kajitvitayanukul
- Dr.Tanapon Penrat
- Dr.Thammanoon Hengsadeekul
- Dr.Songsak Suthasupradit
- Dr.Pritsathat Seetapun
- Dr.Anatachai Yookaew
- Dr.Panus Nuttarit
External Members
- Ass.Prof. Dr.Kittipoom Rodsin, KMUTNB
- Dr.Peerapong Jitsangiam, Curtin University
- Dr.Pongpipat Anantanasakul, Mahidol University
- Dr.Vatwong Greepala, Kasetsart University

Publication / Output
S. Suthasupradit, R. Parichatprecha, P. Seetapan, and K. Rodsin., "Dynamic Behavior of Bridge-Train Interaction", Civil Magazine, October, 2013 (in Thai)

R. Parichatprecha, P. Jitsangiam, P.Paoleng, T. Phenrat "MECHANICAL PROPERTIES OF CEMENT-BONDED COMPOSITE BOARD PRODUCED FROM ASEPTIC CARTON WASTE", The 3rd International Conference on Sustainable Construction Materials and Technologies, 18-21 August 2013, Kyoto, Japan

Panot Chobsilprakob, Ki-Du Kim, Songsak Suthasupradit, Anaphat Manovachirasan, "Application of Indicial Function for the Flutter Analysis of Long Span Suspension Bridge During Erection", International Journal of Steel Structures, Vol 14, No 1 p185-194, 2014
Songsak Suthasupradit, Piyarat Paoleng, Rattapoohm Parichatpreecha, "Comparative Study of Frame and Shell Elements in Modeling of High Speed Railway Bridge", 6th Asia and Pacific Young Researchers and Graduates Symposium (YRGS2014), 2014
ทรงศักดิ์สุธาสุประดิษฐ, รัฐภูมิ ปริชาติปรีชา, ปฤษทัศว์ ศีตะปันย์, กิตติภูมิ รอดสิน, "พฤติกรรมการสั่นของรถไฟและสะพาน", โยธาสาร ฉบับเดือนตุลาคม 2013

Kim Bum Jun, Songsak Suthasupradit, Kim Ki Du, E. Onate, "Co-rotational nonlinear triangular shell element with no rotational degree of freedom", Internation Journal of Numerical Method in Engineering IJNME, Wiley (on 2nd review process)

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