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Research Center for Academic Excellence in Education
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Assoc.Prof.Dr. Wandee Wattanachaiyingcharoen
Acting Director of Research Center for Excellence in Biodiversity

Rationale for the establishment of the Research Center for Academic Excellence in Education
Biodiversity is a resource that has a direct impact on the survival of humanity that threatens global issues such as climate change, drought or flood and disaster. They directly affect the survival of all life on Earth including humans. The man himself was one of the factors is the catalyst that makes the resources of biodiversity be affected until the cause of the extinction of life faster than it should be, these factors will impact severely the welfare of human beings in less than 10 years, organizations of the world, so the campaign in terms of reducing the loss of biodiversity. In particular, the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (UN MDGs) focused on the fight against poverty. The issue of environmental sustainability as a core subject in 8 topics IUCN has declared the year 2010 as the year to help reduce the loss of biodiversity. But there are several sub-projects that were not successful. Thus, there is an intensive campaign for the government and communities sharing resources and biodiversity to achieve consistently to maintain the habitat of food sources and resources necessary for human life and whole life.

Thailand is a major source of biodiversity resources of the world has obtained evidence about life in India around 200 years, but a study by the West. This results in both good academic field of biodiversity. But while the threat posed by the entry of researchers foreigners to conduct a survey and find out what life in the country is a creature native Thailand to use on behalf of the Foreign and limitations. Legal barriers to the Thailand-owned natural areas can take advantage of them. Meanwhile, Thailand's own resources and biodiversity are innocently. Be used without the opportunity to use those resources recovery or depletion. Causing the extinction of species is continuous. Although Thailand has set a development strategy based on biodiversity and the stability of Resources and Environment of the National Strategic Plan of National Economic and Social Development Plan No. 10 (BE 2550. - 2554), whose approach to the treatment of biodiversity resources, as follows: 1) to maintain the natural resource base and the balance of the ecosystem. To maintain a balance between conservation and utilization 2) create a good environment to raise the quality of life and sustainable development, and 3) the development of the value of biodiversity and traditional knowledge, the philosophy of sufficiency economy. Which is consistent with international obligations under the Convention on Biological Diversity (Convention on Biological Diversity, CBD) with one main goal that by the year 2010 (AD 2553), it needs to be. reduce the rate of loss of biodiversity. Maintain the ecological balance. And protect traditional knowledge / wisdom, so we will have to prepare all the knowledge about the diversity of biological resources and utilization. Experts and young researchers with both academic and professional ethics and the readiness of the public to bring awareness of those resources were used appropriately.

University is an educational institution that is ready to study the biodiversity. As a factor contributing to the research, the University is located in the area near the origin of many sources of biodiversity such as national parks. There are many Watersheds of major rivers. Western Forest is also a lack of research-related information, etc. In addition, the University also provides researchers with experience in the field of biodiversity research in various organisms. And have a good cooperation with other agencies. Both at home and abroad, so it is reasonable that will be the integration of researchers biodiversity of the University to coordinate the experience, knowledge, capacity and collaboration in research areas of biodiversity to benefit of biodiversity resources used correctly. And respond to the needs of the human population has increased steadily and at the same time maintaining the abundant biodiversity resources to continue.

Research Center for Academic Excellence for Biodiversity is a leader in research on biodiversity as a source of knowledge creation and dissemination of knowledge on the diversity in the Lower Northern part of Thailand.

Research and knowledge of biodiversity can be utilized in terms of both conservation and utilization for sustainable livelihood of the population. The researchers created a new generation of high potential talent and competitive in national and international morality and professional ethics. And development organizations to provide a center for research collaboration between researchers in the biological diversity of the University and other tertiary institutions, both domestic and foreign government agencies and the private sector.

The operational goal of a center of excellence in education and research in biodiversity is-
Performed activity/content
1. Allocate funds for research projects is a series of cooperation projects in collaboration of researchers.
2. Establish scholarships for graduate students to create a new generation of researchers.
3. Seeking funding from outside institutions.
4. Created a hand in the research in the form of a network of researchers from both within and outside the institution.
5. Support the dissemination of knowledge resulting from the research via published, presentations in Conferences / seminars / workshops and published in other forms.
6. Support the exchange of students, researchers and institutional collaboration.
7. Encouraged to work with experts in various fields in both domestic and international.

Researchers with high potential to be competitive in the national and international levels and organizations to develop a center for research collaboration between researchers in the biological diversity of the University, other tertiary institutions, both domestic and international and public and private agencies produce quality research on biodiversity.

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