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Objectives / Mission
1. To develop the body of knowledge and novel innovation in energy technology, environment and climate change in response to problems or needs of the area both locally and nationally.
2. To create the excellence in research contributing to strength in quality research production in international acceptance.
3. To be the center for collecting the body of knowledge for energy technology, environment and climate change and to be the center of high potential researchers.
4. To be a working unit for giving academic services, consultations, advices, training and services in any aspects to public.
5. To promote and develop higher education by being the research center which creates researchers with high knowledge and skills in energy technologies.

1. Produce quality researches, create innovation and the novel body of knowledge from researches which can effectively and sustainably resolve the energy & environmental problems and the impact caused by climate change.
2. Develop potential and increase personal abilities in energy technology, environment and climate change including producing researchers with high abilities.
3. Create the cooperation network of researches with other units and organizations both inside and outside the country.
4. Give academic services to government and private sectors.
5. Collect knowledge, technology or other information about energy, environment and climate change.

Research Focus
To be the research center established for doing research, creating and developing technology and innovation in the international level in order to resolve or relieve the problems in energy and environment, and the impact caused by climate change effectively and sustainably.

No. Name Faculty
1 Associate Professor Dr. Sarintip Tantanee Faculty of Engineering
2 Assistant Professor Dr. Saranagon Hemavibool Faculty of Engineering
3 Associate Professor Dr. Sombat Chuenchooklin Faculty of Engineering
4 Associate Professor Dr. Sanguan Patamatamkul Faculty of Engineering
5 Warangluck Sonklin Faculty of Engineering
6 Assistant Professor Dr. Pajaree Thongsanit Faculty of Engineering
7 Korakod Nusit Faculty of Engineering
8 Associate Professor Dr. Yongyut Chonbodeechalermroong Faculty of Engineering
9 Dr. Supannika Wattana Faculty of Engineering
10 Associate Professor Dr. Mathanee Sanguansermsri Faculty of Engineering
11 Assistant Professor Dr. Koonlaya Kanokjaruvijit Faculty of Engineering
12 Dr. Panu Putthawong Faculty of Engineering
13 Dr. Sarisa veerapun Faculty of Engineering
14 Sitphank canla Faculty of Engineering
15 Dr. Akaraphunt Vongkunghae Faculty of Engineering
16 Visaka Chaosakul Faculty of Engineering
17 Assistant Professor Dr. Dondej Tungtakanpoung Faculty of Engineering
18 Dr. Tanapon Phenrat Faculty of Engineering
19 Dr. Suwit Kiravittaya Faculty of Engineering
20 Dr. Kwanchai Kraitong Faculty of Engineering
21 Ampol Techowanich Faculty of Engineering
22 Dr. Sukruedee Sukchai SERT
23 Assistant Professor Dr. Sarayooth Vaivudh SERT
24 Dr. Anan pongthonpanich SERT
25 Assistant Professor Dr. Nipon Ketjoy SERT
26 Dr. Pisit maneechot SERT
27 Dr. Prapita Thanarak SERT
28 Dr. Sahataya Thongsan SERT
29 Chatchai sirisampanvong SERT
30 Wisut Chamsa-ard SERT
31 Dr. Tawat Suriwong SERT
32 Assistant Professor Suthat Yiemwattana Faculty of Architecture
33 Dr. Sirimas Hengrasmee Faculty of Architecture
34 Dr. Sant Chansomsak Faculty of Architecture
35 Kronthicha Aumphai Faculty of Architecture
36 Assistant Professor Dr. Somchai Maneewan Faculty of Science
37 Dr. Waraporn Rattanongphisat Faculty of Science
39 Dr. Somchai Jiajitsawat Faculty of Science
40 Dr. Anucha Kaewpoonsuk Faculty of Science
41 Dr. Nimit Sreephang Faculty of Science
42 Assistant Professor Dr. Sarin Sreephang Faculty of Science
43 Dr. Pilaipark Chumark Faculty of Science
44 Assistant Professor Dr. Chanin Aumpornsathit Faculty of Agriculture Natural
45 Associate Professor Dr. Pumisak Intanon Faculty of Agriculture Natural
46 Assistant Professor Dr. Jaruntorn Boonyanuphap Faculty of Agriculture Natural
47 Dr. Charoon sarin Faculty of Agriculture Natural
Publication / Output
International journals
1. Boonyanuphap, J. and C. Hansawasdi. 2011. Spatial Distribution of Beta Glucan Containing Wild Mushroom Communities in Subtropical Dry Forest, Thailand. Fungal Diversity, (46) : 29-42. [2010 Impact Factor: 5.074].
2. Boonyanuphap, J., Sakurai, K. and Tanaka, S. 2007. Soil nutrient status under upland farming practice in the Lower Northern Thailand. Tropics. 16 (3) : 215-232.
3. Boonyanuphap, J., Sakurai, K. and Tanaka, S. 2006. Ultisols under upland farming practices in Lower Northern Thailand with special reference to long-term productivity. Pedologist. 50 (3) : 68-80.
4. Sakurai K., Okabayashi Y., Tanaka S., Watanabe E, Boonyanuphap J. and Nouanthasing L. 2005. Can Shifting Cultivation on Acid Soils in the Southeast Asia Be Sustainable in the Future? A Case Study in Northern Laos. Soil Sci. Plant Nutr. 51 (5) : 767-770. [2006 Impact Factor: 0.615]
5. Boonyanuphap, J., Wattanachaiyingcharoen, D., and Sakurai, K. 2004. GIS-Based Land Suitability assessment for Musa (ABB group. plantation. Journal of Applied Horticulture, 6 (1): 3-10.
6. Boonyanuphap, J., G.F. Suratmo, Surati Jaya, F. Amhar. 2002 . GIS-Based Method in Developing Wildfire Risk Model (Case Study in SASAMBA, East KALIMANTAN, Indonesia.. Tropical Forest Management Journal. 7 (2) : 33-45.
7. Jaiboon1, V., Boonyanuphap, J. Suwansri1, S., Ratanatraiwong1, P. and C. Hansawasdi1. 2010. Alpha amylase inhibition and roasting time of local vegetables and herbs prepared for diabetes risk reduction chili paste. Asian Journal of Food & Agro-Industry, 3 (1) : 1-12.
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