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The Project for Quality Control for Cosmetic Products
8-9 and 16-17 February 2013 8.00-17.00
at Nong Sano Village, Sam Ngam District, Phichit

Nowadays, many community enterprises are producing and commercializing cosmetic products as a result of the government's promotion of the OTOP policy as well as of several public organizations' career support projects. These cosmetic products have consequently been increasingly popular.

Nevertheless, the quality control of the cosmetics manufactured at the local level is still limited, resulting in the inconsistent quality of cosmetic products. This is probably due to the producers' lack of knowledge, understanding and skills of the quality control.
Therefore, in order to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills of the quality control for the production of quality cosmetic products for the benefit of the consumers, this project aims to transfer the knowledge of the physical methods for the quality control of cosmetic products via the application of uncomplicated technological equipment and tools.The Project for Quality Control for Cosmetic Products focuses on transferring the technology to the community enterprises that produce cosmetic products in the Lower North with an aim to enable the participants to apply the quality control methods in their production.



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