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The Project for the Knowledge Propagation, Technology Transfer and Provision of Consultations and Information of the Production of Transparent Soap Bars Containing Natural Herbal Extracts
9 March 2013 8.00-17.30
at Ban Huay Nam Nak Wittiya School, Phop Phra Sub-district, Tak

The research and development outcomes (knowledge, techniques, tools, machinery, equipment, inventions and products) are delivered with the main purpose to be of economic and social use. Since Ministry of Science and Technology has no regional centre, there is a lack of a regional mechanism that will connect R&D with the needs of the people. Naresuan University, therefore, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Ministry of Science and Technology to cooperate with the Ministry under the name of "The Technology Clinic, Naresuan University" and to act as an integral part of the technology network institutes in order to create a mechanism to propagate the knowledge, transfer the technology and provide consultations to the target groups; to make use of R&D outputs in the enhancement of the production process at the local, provincial and regional levels; to conduct R&D to propagate the technology and Thai wisdom and to apply the results based on the needs of the users (farmers, community enterprises and SMEs); to establish the role of science and technology as a drive towards economic development and life quality enhancement in the society; and to set and educate a group of science and technology volunteers to propagate the knowledge in the community. 

The Technology Clinic, Naresuan University, has been part of the technology network since the budget year 2004. The project has been continually operated with financial support from Ministry of Science and Technology and with the aims to provide knowledge and consultations regarding basic technology from experts or directly from those who own the technology. The knowledge is propagated in the forms of printed materials, websites, multimedia and mobile units. The local products are promoted and the technology is transferred for further development to apply the local outputs in the production process that will, consequently, generate additional incomes and reduce household expenses for the community members. Moreover, the consultation services supporting the local production process and generating extra incomes will ensure continual economic development in the community and better life quality in the society. The Technology Clinic, Naresuan University, also aims to operate projects to distribute the knowledge, transfer the technology, provide consultations and information regarding technology, and educate a group of science and technology volunteers to propagate the knowledge in the community.



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