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A Workshop on Preparations of Herbal Extracts and Herbal Medical Supplies for External Use in the Community
at the Community Enterprise for Development of Local Biological Products
May 23, 2012 at 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

Herbs have widely been used for several decades and are considered essential for Thai people. They are used for healthcare issues to serve as food supplements, to prevent diseases, to provide primary care for illnesses, and to even rejuvenate and play a significant role in the cosmetics industry. All of these are made possible through rural knowledge, inherited and passed down from generation to generation. Consuming natural products has helped villagers to spend economically because of their lower price, safety, and having fewer side effects, while, at the same time, conserving local wisdom.

Most of the people these days tend to use natural products, one of which is cosmetics, earning a great impact from consumers due to the fact that these products meet the different demands of several groups of people. Using non-chemical extracts and less-dangerous ingredients gains favor from customers compared to artificial substances. Using herbal cosmetics has a tendency to be high and also gives opportunities for entrepreneurs to develop and research toward applying natural ingredients as well as avoiding the use of chemicals, which is considered a plus for marketing strategies. As a result, seeking and rejuvenating local knowledge of herbs is not only interesting, but it creates self-sufficiency for local people.

The climate of Tha-pho district, Phitsanulok province, is divided into 3 seasons: summer, rainy, and winter. For summer, from March to April, the average temperature is 38.3 degree Celsius. In the rainy season, from May to October, it rains regularly and is particularly heavy in August. In winter, from November to February, the average temperature is 11.6 degree Celsius. The Tha-pho district is geographically located in a fertile area with abundant water resources, which is sufficiently available for year round growing of varieties of herbal trees.

Previously, when Tha-pho villagers got sick, they likely bought conventional medicine by themselves, and this could be expensive and render undesired side effects. There are limitations to what modern medicine can do in some serious diseases, such as cancer; therefore, it is necessary to use alternative medicine as well.

In this respect, the Community Enterprise for Development of Local Biological Products and Technological Clinic, Lower Northern Science Park, Naresuan University, came up with a workshop on 'Preparations of Herbal Extracts and Herbal Medical Supplies for External Use in the Community' to encourage Tha-pho residents to make use of available herbs to treat sicknesses, which is both cost effective and conserves local wisdom in the community.



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