Launchpad for Traditional Medicine Forum
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Launchpad for Traditional Medicine Forum

4 delegates from Guangdong-Macau Traditional Chinese Medicine Technology Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd. (GMTCM), the Macao Special Administrative Region headed by Ms. Lu Hong, President and CEO of GMTCM, met Naresuan executives to finalise a proposal for an international forum directed towards traditional medicine.  It was agreed that the the forum, initially hosted by GMTCM, Naresuan University, and Department for Development of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine under the Ministry of Public Health, would be titled ‘International Forum for Development on Traditional Medicine: Future Prospect of Traditional Medicine and Healthcare Industry.’ The event was expected to be convened in mid March 2017 at Centra Government Complex Hotel and Convention Centre, Bangkok.  

The GMTCM team took an opportunity to meet with representatives from Department for Development of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine presided over by Deputy Director-General of the Department. The Department was willing to provide assistance in liaising with relevant network nationally and internationally and inviting guest speakers from WHO, Ministries of Health and South East Asia, to name just a few.  The group also visited Huachiew Traditional Medicine Hospital to exchange points of views of traditional Chinese medicine and observe acupuncture treatment and traditional Chinese massage.

The discussion at NU was on December 13 and meetings and visitations in Bangkok took place on December 14, 2016.

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