NU Development of Good Agricultural Practice on the economical plant Inchi
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       On 4 July 2017, the Agriculture and Environmental Integration Research and Development Unit (AEI) of the Faculty of Agriculture Natural Resources and Environment of Naresuan University, together with a network group of agriculturists and public sector and private sector representatives, held a conference entitled Development of Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) Draft for Sufficiency Economy and Traceability Development of Sacha Inchi under the project Research and Innovation for Technology Transfer to Rural Community Project to develop National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards on Agricultural for Inchi. This event, held at the Rattana Park Hotel, Phitsanulok had many participants in attendance.

       Plukenetia volubilis, the major focus of the conference, is commonly known as Sacha Inchi. It is a perennial plant considered to have significant economic value, and is often referred to as a superfood as it is rich in protein, Omega 3, 6, and 9, alpha tocopherol vitamin E, and carotenoids (vitamin A). Its importance in this regard was the reason for this conference to address standards and guidelines for supporting the production process of the plant.


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